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The "Tarangire, Manyara and Ngorongoro" Safari
Duration: 4 Days
Discover the essence of Northern Tanzania's most captivating national parks with our meticulously curated safari plan. Renowned as one of Tanzania's premier safari destinations, this program showcases the very best that the region has to offer.

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure as you explore three iconic parks that will leave you in awe. The Tarangire National Park awaits, known for its abundant herds of graceful giraffes and majestic African elephants. Witness the spectacle of the Lake Manyara National Park, where elusive tree-climbing lions can be spotted amidst its breath-taking landscapes. And don't miss the awe-inspiring Ngorongoro Crater, a vast caldera teeming with over 25,000 magnificent creatures.

Immersing you in authentic cultural experiences is our pride and joy. Our safari plan includes a full-day excursion to Mto wa Mbu, a vibrant village in Northern Tanzania. There, you will have the unique opportunity to delve into the rich lifestyle of the Maasai people, an integral part of the Nilotic ethnic group. Discover their fascinating traditions, embrace their warm hospitality, and witness the harmonious coexistence of various tribes within the multicultural tapestry of Mto wa Mbu.

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